Jack Baty / Scribbles
April 12th, 2024


I don't automatically cross-post from my blogs to Mastodon because it feels like I'm spamming the feed. I know, I know, I'm missing the point, but still.

Robb Knight has just released Echofeed, which does what I just claimed I don't want to do, so of course I signed up immediately.

Lemme 'splain

Let's be honest, it takes maybe 30 seconds to repost something from one's blog to social media. Also, when manually reposting, I can reword things to add a bit of flair or to better suit the audience. Why would I want to automate it?

One use case is for those who have accounts on a bunch of social media platforms. I've whittled myself down to just Mastodon, so that doesn't apply to me.

I'm doing it now because Echofeed makes it easy and pleasant (and for $25/year, inexpensive). Now that Scribbles allows me to exclude posts from RSS, I can self-censor what gets "out there", which I like.

Congrats on shipping, Robb!

Update: It was dead-simple to set up and everything worked right out of the gate. Pretty cool.